Welcome to The Wine Ferret

The Wine Ferret is an Importer and Distributor of interesting wines from all over the World

We are predominantly a wholesale operation specialising in European wines and particularly Spanish, French, German and Austrian wines.

We are currently stocking up on a wide variety of wonderful "ferret finds", wines from regions far flung and regions local including as many of the classic wine regions of the world as we can access.

We offer our own imported brands at excellent direct prices and also a dazzling range of other finds which we really want to drink ourselves but which will also be made available to wine lovers, once again at sharp prices.

If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer - then simply send an email to and will be more than happy to send you back our portfolio. Alternatively let us know what your specific tastes and budget are and we can tailor a selection for you.

Note that some wines are also available at the Mediterranean Food Market in Christchurch.

Watch this space for further details very soon....

Lindsay, Lyn and Helen